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What readers have to say about The Pilate Scroll...


“Fun read! My kid is at the level where he's ready for more exciting and mature topics, but the mom in me sides away from graphic or too 'adult' themes. This book was perfect!”



“It's so refreshing to read such an exciting story filled with adventure, drama and great characters that also inspires faith in Jesus.”



“You're hooked from the first page, and off on the adventure of a lifetime.”



“Be prepared to lose sleep and throw the dog a bone so you can keep reading! M.B. Lewis does a masterful job keeping the suspense building from the first page.”



“Readers of any theology, or lack thereof, will find The Pilate Scroll difficult to set down.”



“It’s an adventure that will grab ahold of your heart through characters you will know and relate to, along with a story you have never before heard but somehow . . . know.”

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