The August 2016 issue of Air Line Pilot Magazine contains and incredible review of Veil of Deception by FedEx pilot Scott Tyler! What an awesome job! Thanks Scott!

Text is below:

In Veil of Deception, author Michael Byars Lewis continues his riveting tale of a young Air Force pilot’s inability to escape the clandestine world of international espionage. The novel, which is laced with political intrigue, high-tech stakes, and mysterious, compelling characters, finds Jason Conrad struggling for anonymity. And he once again finds his professional aspirations plagued with circumstances haunted by ghosts from his past. In Surly Bonds, Lewis introduced Conrad, a student pilot trying to succeed. After the girl of his dreams enters his life, so do Russian spies and the CIA, making pilot training the least of Jason’s concerns. The thrilling roller-coaster ride of international secrets that quickly ensues in Surly Bonds exponentially escalates in Lewis’ second installment.

Veil of Deception rejoins Jason for his next military assignment: testing America’s top secret fighter. The stealthy F-2000 boasts innovative remote piloting, self-healing skin, integrated thought control, and several features its builder fails to disclose. Jason soon discovers his new job involves joys and angst from a past he cannot escape. Romance, mystery, intrigue, and murder are entwined with unbridled government spending, corporate greed, and unchecked foreign influence. Lewis draws readers in with drama and captures their attention with fascinating technical detail. The edge-of-your-seat journey culminates with an epic air-to-air dogfight. Strap in tight for another ride through a well-woven puzzle as Jason methodically uncovers the intricately layered Veil of Deception.

by Scott Tyler, First Officer, FedEx