It's been a wild two weeks. All of this happened after I was called in for a trip, of course. We had SURLY BONDS on sale to help promote VEIL OF DECEPTION. The SURLY BONDS sale took a life of it's own and on the 27th, shot up to #1 in three different categories on Amazon. It stayed #1 in the three categories for three days until the morning of the 29th. My Author Ranking got as high as #16. These are all based on sales at that moment, of course, not longevity or popularity.
The Author Ranking takes into account both books. As my Author Ranking fell, I found myself next to some of my favorite authors, John Grisham, Brad Thor, and Vince Flynn. While this doesn't mean anything in the big picture, it sure is fun to see my picture and books next to my favorite authors!
SURLY BONDS ranked as high as #10 on Barnes and Noble NOOK (that's in all genres: Thriller, Romance, Literary, Science Fiction, Horror, etc...) It ranked #53 on iBooks (Apple iTunes). It also made the KOBO Top 50.
Like I said, it's been a wild two weeks. Thank you all for riding along with me and there's a lot more to come! Fly safe!